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What is the ESU?


The English Speaking Union (ESU),


Founded in 1918 in the United Kingdom,

 Is an independent, non-political, educational charity and membership organization.

 Today, the ESU has grown internationally into a network of independent organizations in over 50 countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa.


The overall purpose of the ESU is to promote international understanding and human achievement through the widening use of the English language throughout the world.


Dartmouth House in London (UK) is international headquarters of the ESU. For further information please visit




ESU in Latvia


Our development:

1997    Idea of forming ESU in Latvia was discussed among a group of enthusiasts.

1998    ESU-Latvia National Steering Committee was formed

1999    ESU-Latvia was registered as a Latvian non-governmental organization.

2002    Official Launch of ESU-Latvia took place and integration in the global network of the ESUs was affirmed.




Leaders of ESU-Latvia since 1997:


Ian Tervit       (1997-1998)

 David Jackobs                        (1999)

Guna Jākobsone        (2000-2002)

 Marita Batņa              (2003-2007)

 Ruta Zadziorska        (2007-2018), now President Emerita

Iveta Ivansone    (2018- )




Traditional activities of ESU-Latvia:


  • Implementing annual National Public Speaking Competition
  • Involving in educational and cultural programmes organized by ESU International
  • Organizing book donations
  • Conducting monthly English Club sessions ESU-Latvia activities are implemented by voluntary work and are financed with fees, donations, sponsorships, ESU scholarships and grants.

    Besides regular co-operation and information exchange with the ESU International, ESU-Latvia has been maintaining co-operation links with ESU-USA Delaware and St. Louis Branches, ESU-Lithuania, ESU-Czech Republic and other ESUs.


Winners of Public Speaking Competition in Latvia

2008  Kristaps Ozoliņš – Rīgas Valsts 1. ģimnāzija

2009  Dāvis Stepanovs – Rīgas Valsts 1. ģimnāzija

2010  Lūkass Lappuķe – Rīgas Franču licejs

2011  Oskars Goba – Valmieras Viestura vidusskola

2012  Matīss Kaža – Rīgas Centra Humanitārā vidusskola

2013  Jānis Gruzniņš – Talsu Kristīgā vidusskola

2014  Edvards Rutkis – Rīgas Franču licejs

 2015  Elva Poriete – Jēkabpils Valsts ģimnāzija

2016 Gustavs Ēvalds – Rīgas Valsts 1.ģimnāzija 

     2017 Nikola Šādro – Jēkabpils Valsts ģimnāzija 

          2018 Rebeka Nagle – Rīgas Valsts 1.ģimnāzija



Message from
HRH Prince Philip.
The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip

“I believe the English-Speaking Union is making a very important contribution to global peace and understanding by helping people across the world to communicate in a common language. Quick and easy communication is vital in the resolution of conflict, and it also plays a prominent part in economic and social development.”